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Title :開発区域における廃線鉄道遺産との共存 : 関西鉄道大仏線を事例に
Title alternative :About Coexistence with Ruins of the Closed Railway Line in the Area where Development Progresses : A Case Study of Kansai Railway Daibutus Line
Authors :黒沼, 善博
Authors alternative :Kuronuma, Yoshihiro
Issue Date :Sep-2012
Abstract :In this paper, we consider about coexistence with the regional development and the ruins of the closed railway line which exists in this area. Many of the ruins of railway line are civil engineering structures, and when dismantling the structure of them, then bringing it back would be impossible. Ruins of the closed railway line, has been lost with the passage of time so far, and has been gradually decreased in urban develop ment. Development work is going to promote the growth of the area. On the other hand, some persons whose has been familiar with the ruins of railway line, are supposed to be sad these ruins of which they are demolished. Well, from the viewpoint of cost-benefit analysis, it is possible to measure the utility of the principal by quantitative comparison of equivalent surplus and compensating surplus. Therefore, we can perform the analysis for overall optimization theory for the storage of the ruins of the railway and the promotion of development. As a case study of this paper, we investigate the ruins of "Kansai Railway Daibutsu Line" which the old tracks remain in the area of Kansai Science City. Preservation was achieved by the citizen movement though two ruins of Kansai Railway Daibutsu Line were scheduled to be demolished by the development construction of Kansai Science City. The following problem is to treat the ruins as a sightseeing fortune because it improves potential in this area. Preserving using the ruins in the closed railway line will create new tourist resources in the city planning.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :09142355
Publisher :鹿児島国際大学附置地域総合研究所
Citation :地域総合研究 Vol.40 no.1 p.53 -69
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