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Title :鹿児島における中国人クルーズ船観光と観光振興
Title alternative :Chinese Cruise Tour Package and Its Effect on Tourism
Authors :富澤, 拓志
Authors alternative :Tomizawa, Hiroshi
Issue Date :28-Feb-2013
Abstract :It is often said that demand creates supply, but in Kagoshima city area the steadily growing purchasing power of Chinese visitors seems to have no impact on the tourist industry. Recently, there has been a great increase in Chinese tourists in Kagoshima city and over twenty thousand visitors have estimated to drop over two hundred million yen every year, but the tour ist industry such as hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops is reluctant to make preparations for receiving them in spite of many promotions and campaigns of the local government to welcome Chinese tourists. One of the most important causes of this "paradox" is the mismatch between the visitors' needs and the services that the industry can offer. The major part of Chinese tourists, who are taken to Kagoshima by cruise tour package, has the strong intension to buy the Japanese commodity as souvenir. Moreover, the city sightseeing programs are only for half day in this type of tour, and about a thousand tourists land on Kagoshima at one time. Thus the tours are programmed to visit a huge GMS (general merchandise store), not the local souvenir shops, restaurants, nor hotels, not only for the reason that they are too small to receive such a great number of guests, but also that they are so scattered in the downtown that the tour conductors cannot manage to control their guests. As a result, most Chinese visitors are to leave Kagoshima not having enjoyed Rich and unique goodness like wonderful hot springs in Kagoshima, this is partly shown in our investigation that about third quarter of Chinese visitors of cruise tour do not want to come again to Kagoshima. One of the ideas to improve the situation is to make optional sightseeing programs to offer a high quality relaxation experience in a small group and to introduce the Chinese guests to local com panies little by little so that their purchasing power can promote the internationalization of the industry. But the complicated concern among interested parties seems to hamper such trials.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :09142355
Publisher :鹿児島国際大学附置地域総合研究所
Citation :地域総合研究 Vol.40 no.2 p.15 -30
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