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Title :中国語における流行語の意味的バリエーションについて
Title alternative :On the semantic variations of Chinese catchwords
Authors :张, 黎
Issue Date :30-Nov-2017
Abstract :With the semantic variation of catchwords after 2000 as the research object, this paper studies their structural features, semantic features, syntactic features, and their relevance with metaphors. Important findings include: 1. In terms of structural features, techniques of ellipsis, double syllables, humor etc can be found in these catchwords, and catchwords made up of neologism are in violation of structural rules and co-occurrence rules; 2. Semantic variations of the catchwords may come either from interaction with other components so as to produce new syntactic functions or by breaking the norms (such as “not knowing one’s own employment”) . 3. Semantic variations in catchwords can also be caused by the use of metaphors as well as word structure variation and syntactic variation.
Type Local :紀要論文
ISSN :18838987
Publisher :鹿児島国際大学大学院
Citation :鹿児島国際大学大学院学術論集 Vol.9 p.43 -55
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